ADMISSIONS OPEN FOR : Pre-School to Grade - VII
Why brainy stars?

Our educational System targets mind and heart, by integrating all the good educational practices that are adopted in various countries with our national curriculum to nurture future leaders in all spheres of life. Our educational system is inclusive where in teachers, parents and members of the management team are custodian of students and help in transformation process of students. Teachers are mentors and role models. Maths, Language, Cultural and Science labs to immerse students in knowledge. Practices to connect with the society and gain real life experiments. Maintains children profiles in order to understand their potential and guide them to excel in desired career. Building healthy personality through Games, Sports, Yoga and Brain Gym. Conventional indoor and outdoor games and sports are part of the co-curriculum.

It is defined as education of heart and mind. Education of heart deals with soft skills and education of mind is relied with knowledge. Education of mind, in most cases makes human being an economic being whereas education of heart makes human being a social being. Real happiness comes with education heart and mind.

This concept is revolutionary in the field of school education. Here teachers are coaches and mentors. They help students do their work, not to teach students what they know. Mentors are role models. They always motivate students to: COMPREHEND, THINK CREATIVELY, SOLVE THE PROBLEMS AND LEARN ACCORDING TO POTENTIALS.

Mentors are international teacher.
Our mentors are trained to make learning a joy full process. They use child centred methodology. They know education psychology. They use collaborative learning method. They believe in teaching concepts in 15 ways. State-of-the-art Science lab, Computer lab, Cultural lab, Language lab and the beautifully designed class rooms will make learning a fun full activity.

Features of the Campus
Smart class rooms
All the classrooms are digitally integrated. Projectors, Computers and tabs are an integral part for teaching/learning process.
Computer, Math, science and language laboratories having modern facilities and access to latest technologies.
Swimming pool
swimming pools have dedicated swimming experts who teach the students the right way to swim and ensure that your child is always safe even if they are busy having fun in the pool.
Play ground
Play ground for modern and conventional Sports such as Horse riding, skating and basket ball.
Arts and Cultural
Arts and cultural sections where students can explore their interest in arts, craft and creativity.
transportation facility with GPS tracking system, CCTV cameras and vehicle attendants.
Hygienic Cafeteria that provides healthy and hygienic food for the students.
Health center
Our Holistic Life Care hospital is just around the corner, in case of any medical emergency or health check up.
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