About Us

Brainy Stars International School is an initiative of Brainy Stars Foundation(BSF). BSF has been established to provide holistic Quality Education to the generation which will take rein of leadership after twenty years. The founders under the stewardship of Mr. D. Hyder Vali have the service of the nation as motto.

Mr. D. Hyder Vali, an advocate has promoted this concept and school. He is also Chairman of Holistic Life Care Centre, which has introduced alternative life care holistic system integrating all the alternate therapies. Mr. D. Hyder Vali has vision to establish 1000 pre-schools, 100 Schools across India and a Global life, Holistic University in Bangalore, with the philosophy of Holistic Education.

BSF has pooled the talents from India and abroad to provide an excellent education to young generation.

Currently BSF is providing academic support to 35 Schools across the Country


The School is started with lots of brainstorming sessions held between the trustees of BSF, the educationalists and social scientists. The points discussed are summarized below:

We had Glorious past

  • The ancient and medieval India has greatly contributed in the fields of Education, Science, Art and Culture
  • Zero was first defined by Brahmagupta in 628 BC.
  • Hakim Akbar Arzane, during Mughal period wrote trealise of medicines: Tibbe Akbar and Mizan al-Tibb. Ayurveda the world's oldest Holistic healing system was developed 3000 years ago by Indians.
  • Aryabhata represented the pinnacle of Astronomical knowledge. We had Educational systems : Gurukul and Maktabs.
  • Pedagogical practices which were followed in these institutions are now being advocated by world renowned educationalists.
  • During Tipu Sultan's period Rocket was developed. The weapon is acknowledged by NASA and considered as a pioneer in the rocket technology.

"Many of the advances in sciences that we consider today to have been made in Europe were in fact made in India centuries ago."

“We will remembered only if we give to our younger generation a prosperous and safe INDIA, resulting out of Economic prosperity coupled with civilization heritage”

DR. APJ Abdul Kalam

We Lost The Glory!

  • In the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), among the 73
  • participated countries, Indian students were ranked at 72.
  • No Indian University/ Institute made it to the top global list of 100 institutions.
  • Sir. CV Raman was the only Indian Noble Prize winner in Physics.
  • India ranks 60th position in Global Innovation index (GII).


  • One of the important reasons for backwardness despite of having a glorious past is that, we are still following Colonial System of education designed by Macaulay in 1835 AD.
  • We also accepted the philosophy of education which was promoted by Industrial Revolution and confined the objective of education as making our graduates employable.
  • Brainy Stars would have targeted creating leaders in all spheres of life.


  • The top ten educationally advanced countries including Finland, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Canada, have changed their education system and made it more dynamic. While we still practice the 'Rote Learning' method.
  • Brainy Stars Education System has revolutionized the system of education by developing an “Integrated Holistic Approach of Education

Our Vision

  • To nurture future leaders with values who shall make our beloved country a global knowledge leader and increase happiness and prosperity in our plural society with the sense of universal brotherhood, as an obedient of Almighty

Our Mission

  • To Frame curriculum for holistic approach of education by integrating values with best educational practices.
  • To effectively introduce parenting as part of curriculum and to make parents, partners in developing a child.
  • To practice education system where a teacher shall be a role model and mentor.
  • To follow the potential based learning so that children shall be able to excel in the fields of their interest, aptitude & abilities.